The principle of the VALUER project is simple yet ground-breaking as up to now there has been a clear disconnect between the finance sector and the energy efficiency of a home when calculating affordability.

Making VALUER crucial to homeowners now and in the future.

Its work will benefit anyone considering investing in refurbishing their home to make it more energy efficient because that investment and the improved performance will be recognised if and when they come to sell. Project partners Rightmove have also been enhancing their digital tools used by mortgage valuation surveyors, supporting them to take energy efficiency into consideration when assessing the value of a home. The VALUER research aims to develop understanding, and demonstrate the emerging difference in value, between low and high energy homes.

Where we’re doing it

As part of the project, new green mortgages and additional borrowing products will be available to two “geofenced” pilot areas in South Wales. This will include new build low energy homes at Parc Eirin in Tonyrefail and also the Eastern High development in Cardiff, as well as existing homes in the area looking to make retrofit energy improvements.

How we’re doing it

To support this work, Monmouthshire Building Society will be the first mortgage lender in the UK to adopt the findings from a previous piece of research known as the “LENDERS” project which was incorporated within UK Government’s Clean Growth Strategy. Monmouthshire have adapted their affordability calculation tool to reflect actual home energy bills more accurately. This could potentially increase the maximum affordable mortgage by up to £12,000 for a very low energy home when compared to a poorly performing property.


A collaboration of industry partners leading the way

The VALUER Journey

VALUER Journey